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Care Proceedings Reform, in April 2014, Forced Adoption is when the local authority can apply to the courts to make an order for adoption without the consent of the parents. Social Services timescales have been shortened to 26 weeks to agree a care plan, previously this was one year. This has meant many parents cannot make the tight timeframe in which to complete parenting courses in order to keep their children. Since this timescale has been introduced many children have been subject to adoption proceedings. We all agree keeping children safe is of paramount concern, and rightly so any concern about a child's safety or potential risk to harm, should be reported. However if you have been investigated and you have been treated unfairly, and you are not given legal aid, legal minded friends can help. We feel this is a complicated area, and even if you are putting your name forward to be a special guardian this can have legal fees in excess of £15,000. Our services help litigants in persons, and we believe the support you need is before this is at the court stage. We offer reasonable rates to help you with witness statements and going to court.

To understand the devastation this new timescales have caused we recommend you visit:  search: Exposure -Please don't take my child (forced Adoption Exposed). -Edge Media Theo Chalmers John Hemming 1 (see all 13 segments)


Do you have a government pension? in June 2014 the legislation will change on converting a private pension. Find out what the benefits are by converting to a private pension. the law is you can collect your pension at age 55 yrs old, however many pension schemes do not all you to start collecting until you are much older, and will be subject to penalties.

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