Statement from Karen Cole:

 People often say, I wish I would have known about your services before it got this far. My aim is to help you through whatever legal issue you are going through, and provide you with the assurance that you can take control back and make decisions that are right for you, without the high cost of solicitor fees.



Karen Cole (BA), Trading as Legal Minded Friends

I started Legal Minded Friends to help individuals, businesses and organisations, settle disputes avoiding court involvement. Though if a claim has been made against you or even if you want to make a claim, going to Court can be an intimidating process. I can help you with that process either as a Claimant/Applicant or Defendant/Respondent.

I have a legal background in Civil Court procedures, studying the New Civil Procedure Rules, under Lord Woolf, whose main concerns were cost, delay and complexity.

Lord Woolf believes in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and mediation, and the implementation of ADR's as part of the County and High Court procedures. Legal Minded Friends has a team of experts in various areas of the law, our aim is to find that resolution between parties that is fair and just.