Fees: for review of case and further assistance.

Additional Costs: for letters; statements and other services such as postage and paper copies

Payment Methods: by credit or debit card requested through Paypal -you do not need a Paypal account to make a payment.  

Cheques are acceptable however work will commence once they have cleared.



No Charge for:

(1) Questions emailed to us or telephone call.

(2) Information emailed or faxed back to you.

You only pay for:

(1) Telephone support to discuss your problem and if legal action is needed (£25 for up to one hour and £20 p/h if additional time is needed)

(2)  Cost to Review Case:

      Simple matters  £60 to £125

      Offence matters £25 to £125

      More complicated matters  £150+

Additional Charges:

(2) Further assistant fees ranging from:  £10 to £300.  

(3) Postage: (if applicable)

     Paper copies £0.50 per page

(4) Travel fees to court .40p per mile, plus parking 

Once you submit or telephone us with your question you will be given a cost to review. Our information/advice will then be given to you over the phone or by email (no charge). If posted by mail see above additional charges.

If you need further assistance ie, us writing to the court on your behalf, filling out and filing a form, or contacting the other side to negotiate a settlement, then at this time you will agree a fee with us, before we proceed, see further assistant fees.

(Note: Free call back service to talk through any information you have been sent by us)