We may be able to attend Court with you:

This is known as a McKenzie Friend





What is a McKenzie Friend?

In the light of the growth of litigants in person in all levels of family court, the President issues this guidance, which supersedes that of 13th May 2005. [2005] Fam Law 405, and is to be regarded as a reminder that the attendance of a McKenzie friend will often be of advantage to the court in ensuring the litigant in person receives a fair hearing. (14th April 2008)

If you are attending a magistrate or criminal court acting for yourself, this is known as a litigant in person. A litigant who is not legally represented has the right to have reasonable assistance from a layperson, sometimes called a McKenzie Friend ("MF").  This is the case even where the proceedings relate to a child and are being heard in private.

What a McKenzie Friend May Do?

  • Provide moral support for the litigant
  • Take notes
  • Help with case papers
  • Quietly give advice on:
    - points of law or procedure;
    - issues that the litigant may wish to raise in court;
    - questions the litigant may wish to ask witnesses.

If you would like legal minded friends to attend court with you as a MF, please contact us to discuss details, fees vary depending on when your review is carried out, and what court your case is held in. You pay for 1/2 day or full day, plus travelling costs, there is no refund once payment and booking is confirmed. If you pay for a full day up front and your case is adjourned, credit may be given to the next hearing date we attend,  (depending on the date we are notified of the adjournment). In special circumstances fees will be lower if you are receiving a government benefit.

Contact us if you need a McKenzie Friend, for all types of legal issues, if your legal issue is regarding family law, find a McKenzie Friend in your area of England, visit (by clicking on the link below)